Decipher clues and make and break pacts to figure out the secret recipe and win grandma’s recipe book!

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Grandma Evelyn, the best baker in the area, has decided to retire from baking and pass on her book of recipes, which she has carefully selected and perfected over the years.


Well, it looks like you’re not the only one, as the family and friends are all secretly hoping the book will be theirs. So who will be the worthy successor?

Grandma Evelyn has decided to put you all to the test. She has sent out letters containing recipes to all interested parties. But wait – it looks like the letters only contain parts of the recipes.

Can you get the missing information from your family and friends by trading in some of the information from your part of the recipe? Prepare for a series of clever clues, fast wits, and pacts made and broken, to see who will impress Grandma the most and win her collection of award-winning recipes.

2-4 players / 40-75 minutes / age 10+

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Secret Recipe is our second game. Our first game, Hike!  – a card-drafting racing game with huskies was Kickstarted (and fulfilled on time) in 2022 with the support of 3451 backers who helped us raise 119 415€ to bring it to life.

The gameplay is done, and we are currently working on the rulebook, art and graphic design, to get everything ready to print the prototype series. Below, you can see our first hand-made prototype and the final versions of the ingredients illustrations. We are looking forward to share progress with you!

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