Taking the First Step – Nika’s blog

Taking the First Step Blog

Taking the First Step – Nika’s blog

Taking the First Step Blog

2020 and 2021 were an interesting time for me. I had a lot of time to reflect upon the truths of life and my priorities in it, and I have gone through some massive perception shifts that ultimately led to the creation of SnowBoardGames and our Kickstarter venture.

Writing has always been a form of expressing myself that was dear to me, and sometime in the middle of the events, I started writing down my thoughts. First just as a private diary, but I soon felt that the knowledge, experience and insights I was gaining were far too big and important to keep just for myself, and I wanted to share them with friends, both to draw their attention to them and to get some feedback and discussion. And, quietly, also in the hope that someone might read them and feel a tiny spark of inspiration. So I started posting them as a blog.

The blog was not very regular, as my priorities are living my life, learning and developing SnowBoardGames, and the blog is just a side product of that. ‘Taking the first step’ posts are about the initial perception shift that set everything in motion, and the ‘Our first Kickstarter’ posts that will be uploaded next are about our experience during the Hike! Kickstarter campaign. They were originally posted on Medium, and are now finding a new home here. I have a bunch of ideas and insights that I plan to turn into blog posts next, but I am not sure about the timeframe yet. So this effort has no aspiration of becoming a serious blog, but rather an outlet to share thoughts and experience, and hopefully a warm and safe space for discussion.

And if this sounds interesting to you, I warmly invite you on this journey with me.


This blog will not be regular, and I realise this probably makes it pretty frustrating to follow. I will send out notifications when I post something new, and if you would like to be notified, you can add your email to the list. This email list is not the same as for SnowBoardGames newsletter – for that one please visit the SnowBoardGames home page. This email list is just for the Taking the first step blog.

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